Saturday, September 01, 2012


That's the topic Lisa-Jo the Gypsy Mama has assigned her 5 Minute Friday peeps to write about. And I think I'm going to join. So the timer is set with currently 4 minutes and 12 seconds remaining.


I forgot that the rules were no backspacing. :) Ah well. I've been looking back at some journal entries from a few years ago. A lot has changed over the last few years.

I have less than 2 minutes, so I better say something significant fast. My boyfriend from a few years ago when all the CHANGE began happening in my family (truly) told me that I needed to figure out who I was. And only recently have I heeded that advice. I am changing into an adult, and I am changing by figuring out what my interests are. It is hard to pin down interests, because I know in a few years, or months, my interests may change.

And my time is up!

I think I need some practice blogging again!

Thank you, Lisa-Jo, for the impetus to put my hand back in the mud and form some words!


P.S. Some of the new interests I have that I hesitate to claim for fear that they will change just about the time they are established as MY interests are polka dots (including but not limited to 40s white polka dots on a red background and white polkadots on a black background) and French stuff. Which is definitely a CHANGE, since both my mom and my 2nd (last) boyfriend have/had no use for French/France. So I'll insert a pic above of my first French paraphenalia--an eiffel tower--given to me by a dear friend yesterday!


Denise said...

Nice post.

Student Mommy said...

I went through the same thing at around 25. I discovered that I actually liked cooking, and was pretty good at it if I paid attention to what I was doing; I enjoyed knitting and crochet (as young as I was!) and I wasn't actually interested in all this partying nonsense that I'd been busy with. When you sit down and decide you want to be your own person, and make a point of noting when you're using someone else's opinion as your own, it's amazing what you discover about yourself.

Enjoy! Life begins now, when you start to discover who you really are.

Miz Anonimoose said...

I think interests do change over the years... at least mine do. I've always been drawn to the Eiffel tower myself. It represents "dream" for me. I have a tiny one by my bedside that I look at from time to time.