Thursday, December 13, 2012

December happenings


It is a quarter to 11pm. So I shall attempt to be brief.

What has happened since I last wrote a proper blog post?

1) I became the happy owner of the most darling gray Schnoodle ever to grace this house. Behold.

She will be a year old come January 1st. She was one of the dogs that I used to dog sit, but her owners were willing to part with her since they had two other dogs, one of which is unimaginably rowdy (albeit, cute), and I fell in love with her, my dad fell in love with her, and my mom fell in love with her. And so, after lengthy consideration, we transferred her to our home and my room. I am trying to keep her from being spoiled, but it is hard when I want to be spoiled by her.

2) I joined eHarmony. As in, I actually paid for a subscription. But then, they were having a $5/month sale (the price of a regular Jamba Juice if I'm not mistaken). REALLY good sale!

And I began perusing my unsubscribed accounts with Christian Mingle and Christian Cafe. The results? Well, I quickly received the attentions of a 43 yr old and 47 yr old. And then I heard from a fellow closer to my age who said in his profile he was a bit lazy, undisciplined, and could use a helpmeet to help him with his spiritual life. Then the other day I got a long e-mail from a 60 something year old man looking for a Christian lady who wants children (ie., wants to bear children). Mmmhm. I decided to disavow Mingle and Cafe and stick with eHarmony. Seems much safer.

3) I did not finish writing my novel. But I got over half way through and watched more cheesy Christmas movies than I have in my whole life put together. (ie., the movies distracted me from writing)

4) I got a new camera. :)

5) I bought myself some hoop earrings....even though my ears aren't pierced.

So that is what I have done in the last two weeks or so.

Until the hour is earlier and my brain saner,

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