Sunday, December 16, 2012

Messy--one of my favorite words to describe humans


That's what human relationships are. Messy.

I am a sinner. And I'm imperfect. So not only do I snap when I'm impatient but I also misuse sarcasm and cause damage. And I live among imperfect sinners as well. So then I try to protect myself from someone else's hurtful opinions and in so doing either lash out or block my ears from hearing helpful criticism.

What a mess.

There's a messiness that is lovely. Like the messiness of a kitchen with a fresh baked loaf of pumpkin bread cooling on the stovetop. Or the messiness of a child's watercolor--all wet and little art.

And then there's the messiness that is ugly. Like when family members can tick each other off with the simplest of phrases and everyone goes to their corners and you feel like oil and water--will it ever mix?

There is the messiness of fears. The fear of who you might really be. Not who you purport to be or think you are or want to be but the ugly real you when you step beyond the computer screen. The fear that you are not as strong as you thought you were when you were feeling...well...strong. That maybe you don't know your mind and you can't hold your own because you don't know up from down and down from up and you ran ahead boldly only to be lost in the shadows of murmurs in the dark like Pilgrim on his way to the Celestial City.

The messiness that reminds us that life isn't what it seems. That no matter how many heartbreaks Hallmark includes in its movies, life is messier.

That grace isn't a theology, it's a necessity.

That maybe the reason why I should cut others slack is because I need them to cut me slack.

That in the end, only God remains.

If we are faithless, He remains faithful. He cannot deny Himself.

I highly recommend this series: 31 Days on Why Church?  Alia Joy at Narrow Paths to Higher Places has some true words to share.

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