Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10

Isn't this fun? :) One of the new blogs I've discovered and am enjoying through 31 Days is You should check it out! And then check out the 1100--wait, make that 1200!--some odd other blogs participating in 31 Days of blogging!

Here is another all-time favorite quote (see Day 1 for my other :)). All-time favorite because it's true, but not something we think about. It is by Joy Dawson and comes from her book Intimate Friendship with God.

People are requesting prayer regarding their besetting sins and character weaknesses instead of coming in honesty and humility to God and saying, "I am constantly tempted to commit this sin because I love this sin. I do not hate it. I need the fear of God. O God, give me a hatred for what I now love. I receive it by faith in Jesus' name."

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