Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26

I have never read the author/book that I'm about to quote. Instead, I found the quote at the front of a book my mom gave me years ago that I just now picked up. That book is called Women of Devotion through the Centuries by Cheryl Forbes, and thus far seems to be about women devotional writers, esp. Mrs. Charles E. Cowman and Mary Wilder Tileston. The former's devotionals have impacted me muchly--I have quoted her quotes several times this month. But anyway, back to today's quote (which is late coming, I know), I think it says something about the role of women, something I am not completely sure I can completely back, but something definitely worth considering, something along the lines of Elisabeth Elliot's "do the next thing:"

"We whistle while Rome burns, or we scrub the floor, depending. Don't dare presume there's shame in the lot of a woman who carries on. On the day a committee of men decided to murder the fledgling Congo, what do you suppose Mama Mwanza was doing? Was it different, the day after? Of course not. Was she a fool, then, or the backbone of history?" --Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible
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One last, or maybe second to last, ra-ra for 31 dayers. Find all the 31 dayers at this link. It's been a long month methinks. :)

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